Synapse helps with user-friendly displays, features, and installation, so you can focus on your business and staying ahead of the curve. This system does not require special wiring. Each phone connects to the same Ethernet jacks shared by the business' computers. A gateway box connects the desk sets to the outside phone line.

As each desk set and gateway is connected, other desk sets and gateways in the system are recognized. The system instantly configures itself with the most commonly used settings. By using the upgradable software, you enhance the phone system’s capabilities now and in the future, so as your business grows, your phone system can too.

Overall, the Synapse IP PBX system is feature-rich and a pleasure to operate. We offer a hands-on demonstration to ensure you love the system. Once you hear the rich sound and feel the quality built-in, you are sure to want to put it to work. We provide and install all types of structured data and voice cabling data switches as well as interfaces with your new or existing Telco service provider.

Contact us to set up your new phone system and boost your business.